I follow one of the dancer’s stories; Crystal’s Story to be exact. What is it really like in the room with her fighting this terrible disease? Her story is inspiring to so many it is hard to believe that she can keep dancing.

CR Spirits Professional Dance TeamIt’s an HONOR for us all to be dancing in the room with Crystal. There have been lots of tears shed by everyone, but we don’t dwell on it; Crystal wouldn’t like that. Crystal has some noticeable shortness of breath and fatigue, but she pushes forward. We are all envious of her strength and I think many of us wonder if we’d handle the experience with such grace and courage. When Crystal has moments of vulnerability and sadness everyone is there to give hugs and offer her reassurance and whatever support she needs. Most of the time, we are all enjoying every moment together. We are all a part of TEAM CRYSTAL and love her so much!!

Paulette P.