CR Spirits Staff

CR Spirits Staff is ready to teach Rain or Shine!

CR Spirits Staff is ready to teach Rain or Shine! Left to Right:  Kaitlin, Cassidy, Tiffany & Crystal

Kaitlin – CR Li’l Spirits Instructor (Ages 10-12) – Kaitlin started her journey with the CR Spirits 12 years ago with the Professional Dance Team.  Kaitlin is still performing with the Professional Team and truly enjoys being a coach for the Li’l Spirits.  Kaitlin also works at Rockwell Collins as a Engineering Project Support Manager.  Kaitlin loves to travel.  She is married and has a few fur babies at home.

Cassidy – CR Itty-Bitty Spirits Instructor (Ages 4-6) & the CR Wonders (Special Needs Program) – Cassidy started her journey with the CR Spirits in 2014 with teaching the Itty-Bitty Spirits.  Once graduated from high school, she decided to take her next leap in the Spirits Studio by auditioning for the Professional Dance Team.  Cassidy has always enjoyed working with people that needed a little extra help, with that she began teaching the CR Wonders, probably the most rewarding work to her in the Studio.  Cassidy also works at Discovery Living, Inc..  Cassidy loves to be with her friends.

Tiffany – Owner/Choreographer of the CR Spirits – Tiffany started this journey back in 1993 in her garage.  She started with the idea of a Professional Dance Team with a dream of a Studio full of students within a few years following.  Tiffany choreographs every routine in the Studio, every age group.  She organizes the performance schedule and is always looking to build others up.  You can find Tiffany every Wednesday evening coaching her Spirit Family in the Studio.  Tiffany is a married, has three daughters & a little dog, Calvin.

Crystal – CR Spirits Executive Assistant & a Instructor for the CR Tiny Spirits (Ages 7-9) & CR Junior Spirits (Ages 13-16) Instructors – Crystal started her journey with the CR Spirits back in 2009.  She started with teaching the CR Tiny Spirits.  Once graduated from high school she auditioned for the Professional Dance Team.  That is when she learned she wanted to be  more involved with the CR Spirits.  She became an assistant with the desire to take the Spirits Studio over when Tiffany is ready to let it go.  Crystal then took on teaching the CR Junior Spirits.  Crystal just got married and is loving her new adventures.

CR Spirits Professional Dance Team

Rain or Shine #93 is ready to Perform...

Rain or Shine #93 is ready to Perform…  Last Season’s Team Photo.

Congrats to the CR Spirits Professional Dance Team 2016-2017 Season

Paulette Petersen – Rockwell Collins Manager, Subcontracts
Deatra Waller – Rockwell Collins Production Mentor
Jes Harrington – Capri College Admissions Director
Kaitlin Boyse – Rockwell Collins Manager, Engineering Project Support & Spirits Instructor
Crystal Barnett – CR Spirits Executive Assistant & Spirits Instructor
Rachel Bowser – Metro High School Attendance Secretary 
Katelynn Cole – Transamerica Client Associate
Amanda Matias – Cosmetologist @ Inspirations Salon & Spa 
Courtney Kuehl – Full Time Student & Sales Associate Bohme 
Crystal Lindley – Sr. Customer Support Associate @ Aerotek
Cassidy Kuehl – CLA @ Discovery Living
Jerilee Ramos – Social Worker & Family Counselor @ Elder Services Inc. & Families Inc.
Libby Slife – Cosmetologist @ Monarch Studio 106
Anna Slife – Cornell College Rise Up Program Assistant & HuHot Mongolian Grill Supervisor
Amber Keplinger – Shop Associate & Office Lead @ Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois