Tiffany Saari-Kuehl can create a routine made just for you. Tiffany’s choreography can hold the attention of a crowd from young to old.  Tiffany has been choreographing since 1983.  Her routines are unique and can be made for any occasion/event.  Tiffany will work with you and/or your group to help you feel comfortable with the style of the routine. 

You will enjoy 2 hours of instruction at the CR Spirits Studio with Tiffany Saari-Kuehl. The atmosphere of the Spirits Studio will pump you up and get you excited about your own routine for your event.

 Roughly 60 routines a season she choreographs just for Iowa performances alone.  Tiffany choreographs for all ages here are some routine ideas she has done.

* Poms/Dance/Cheerleading Teams * Pageants * Choirs * Plays * Birthday Parties * Wedding Receptions * Fitness competitions/Weight Lifting Shows * Talent Show * Drag Shows * Flash Mobs * Entertainers * Festivals * Corporate Gatherings

Personalized Choreography

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